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Website photos 116We build steel sheds from the small to the very large. We can also deliver kitset garages to your home, complete with simple, easy to follow instructions. If you prefer, we can build them on-site for you!

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In 1965 Rod Douglas started manufacturing steel gable buildings. These were made to order and welded up in the workshop. The most popular were the 5.8m and the 7m wide, these were used extensively to house the then growing need for tractor and machinery storage and were made form solid RSJ steel. These buildings have proven over the last 40+ years, with very harsh use, to still be usable, mostly for calf sheds and general storage and have survived many encounters with tractor buckets and wheels! Rod Douglas Construction still manufactures and stocks components to repair these sheds and can also re clad and extend these buildings giving you an even longer lasting building.

In the earlier years of the 2000’s there was a general tendency to go to a lighter C section type of portal construction. These became very popular due to the reduced costs of construction. RDC began erecting large local warehouses to customer demand such as AG & Earth and The Easy Access Company which have proven very cost effective for their needs and we still have a steady demand for these now. These buildings are manufactured from 9m to 22m widths with various stud heights and lengths. Our present workshop is built using this method and is 8m high, 20m wide and 30m long. This system is also strong enough to support a gantry system of up to 5 tonnes.

Currently RDC is undertaking a very technical build with an integration of structural steel and C section portal to achieve a cost effective 1000m2 house and warehouse.  We will upload photos as the build progresses. We also have a large warehouse to build using the C section portal design on an adjoining site to our factory which will be available for viewing.

Like with all our projects RDC can handle all of your permit, engineering and design requirements.

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