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board and batten building

Board and Batten buildings can make beautiful homes. Call us today for more information!

Over the years there has been a growing demand for Rod Douglas Construction Board & Batten Lifestyle Buildings. This increase in demand has driven the need to modify many of our shed designs into livable buildings. Our customers come to us as they want a building that is totally different from standard housing. This has been a great challenge and many unique homes have come from it.

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Although they start at a standard size and height, in common with all Rod Douglas buildings, they can be customised to individual needs within the limits of engineering requirements. Cladding materials are plywood board & batten however should you have a preference for an alternative material then we would be pleased to quote for it.  Duralume and Kiwicolour steel are popular alternatives.

A popular style of lifestyle buildings currently is the board and batten American Barn pictured. Although great as a utility shed/barn we have customized our designs to housing standards to make beautiful board & batten homes as well. You get a lot of space with your size in these barns and they work extremely well with the addition of a mezzanine floor or extra level.

A simple gable or mono pitch shed can also be turned into a stunning home. With varying roof pitches and cladding styles these are great choices for the bach or sleep out.

RDC provides a design and build service to shell stage and we will work closely with you to ensure all your needs are catered for.

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