Shed Design Options

With our wide range of plans and custom-built solutions, we have a shed style to suit your requirements in material and style that will do the job, look the part and last for decades.

Half Round Barn

Half Round Sheds

Our half round sheds are made from welded mild steel frames with treated timber purlins. The standard sizes range from 4.9m up to 12m wide and length wise come in 3.65m bays, however we can customize to suit individual needs. Typical cladding is Duralume or Kiwi Colour steel, however you can have ply and batten on the ends as an option. Our half rounds can easily be altered to suit your needs and with the additions of mezzanines and lean-to’s you can form very stylish and functional workshops or barns.

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Two bay garage with utility area

Mono Pitch & Gable Steel Sheds

We build steel sheds from the small to the very large. We can also deliver kitset sheds to your home, complete with simple, easy to follow instructions. If you prefer, we can build them on-site for you! These buildings have proven over the last 40+ years, with very harsh use, to still be usable, mostly for calf sheds and general storage and have survived many encounters with tractor buckets and wheels!

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American board and batten barnhouse

Board & Batten Sheds

A popular style of shed currently is the board and batten American Barn. They are great as a utility shed or barn. You get a lot of space with your size in these barns and they work extremely well with the addition of a mezzanine floor or extra level.

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