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All About Rod Douglas Construction

Offices of Rod Douglas ConstructionRod Douglas Construction Ltd has been in business as builders in Whangarei for nearly 50 years and during that time, has had only two owners. The first owners, Rod and Vivienne Douglas started the company in 1965 with the first RDC hay barn being built in the backyard of their home in Onerahi. The business was then bought by Ivan Tomason in 1981. From here the company thrived, becoming one of the largest construction firms in Northland. It would be hard to find a farm in the region that has not boasted a RDC barn at some stage. Ivan has seen the company through three recessions, with the hardest being the most recent. However the company still stands strong, along with its sheds, proving just how versatile and tough it really is.

Ivan has operated RDC with a strong family core, he has three sons with construction backgrounds who have all worked in the business at some stage. Ivan is a tough, no nonsense director who has worked extremely hard over the years to provide his clients with a product that they can be proud of. So when comparing our products and service with our competitors bear in mind the company that’s been around since 1965 will know their way around a shed by now.

When you choose RDC you know you are getting:

  • Quality workmanship and materials
  • Proven strength and durability
  • A great investment to add value to your property
  • A product that will stand the test of time and outlast any other
  • 40 + years of knowledge and experience
  • Competitive prices and value for money
  • 25 year structural and 5 year workmanship guaranty